Girl, you are the SHI(F)T!


Tell yourself. TELL yourself.

I had a moment yesterday. Well several. In a day, I forgot who I was SEVERAL times. I’m not ashamed to admit it because I was also REMINDED and there was an opportunity - well, more than one - to remember.

The main instance, was when I was teaching kids yoga. I teach this class every Tuesday in Ward 8 in Washington, DC (aww southeast!). For some reason, the 3-4 year-olds were a bit more “rowdy” than usual. Instead of finding a yoga seat, they stood on their heads, and rolled around on their mats. They hit each other, and did not stand when it was time to stand tall like a mountain. But as I remained focused and provided instruction, as we danced around, and I occasionally filled the room with cleansing spray (provided by Indigo), I noticed a shift. Toward the end of the class, in savasana(taking rest), the children were lying down on their mats, calm. At that moment, I I felt so empowered, and I REMEMBERED. With the power and authority of calm, love, and care for children invested in me, I shifted that atmosphere. The chaos had turned to calm, and the “hell-on-wheels” low vibration turned into a hallelujah high vibration. When I went to my car, I had to encourage myself, remind myself, and celebrate myself. I said, “GIRL, you are this SHI(F)T!” Whatever isn’t aligned or crooked, you have the anointing, the calm, the love to change it! How powerful!

How often have I felt powerless and out of control? How many times have I questioned my gifts and my abilities only to have it demonstrated in real time that I have everything inside of me to shift things, to change reality, from WITHIN. I did not have to convince the children. I did not have to beg. I just stood firm in who I am. When a child became particularly unruly or disturbed the class, I gently set a boundary, giving them a moment to him or herself. This atmosphere I was setting was too precious to allow too many distractions. What matters most, is who I am, and what I’m called to do. I am here to disrupt chaos and bring calm. I am here to be an expression of love and to teach mindfulness, as I engage these concepts in a focused way in my personal life.

The rest of the day presented more opportunities to remind myself that I am the shi(f)t. That I am love. That I am the one that I have been waiting for. That every answer is within me. I don’t need to get distracted by - nor be convinced that I need - ANYTHING outside of myself. I set the tone. Not just in my daily life and interactions with others. Not just in my career, ministry, or community. But I am the shi(f)t in my bloodline. I am the one that is called to go into places that are just as chaotic, unsettled as that classroom when I walked in, and SHIFT the place. And all I have to do is be my authentic self, stand in my power, and walk in my truth.

While at the kids yoga class, one of the teachers remarked that I’m always smiling. What would have happened if I allowed the chaos and unsettled nature of the children shift me? I would have lost my focus, my center, my nature. Perhaps I would have grown impatient, frustrated, or angry. But I knew that what I had is what was needed. I do not know what any of the children were going through or experiencing. I am unaware of any home situations. But I do know that what I have provides the opportunity for the kids to hit the reset button, and come into the awareness of something higher. One little boy was giving his teachers the hardest time, falling out and wailing all over the place. I knew that I had the shift, and I didn’t want him to disturb his friends who were taking rest. Facing the reality of the chaos, not even knowing its source, I forged ahead. I picked him up and put him on my back for the rest of the class. He stayed there while I was rolling the yoga mats, and almost didn’t want to let go.

Over the course of the day, there were a few times where I almost forgot who I am. I wonder if you can recognize similar moments where you can choose to either be the shi(f)t or allow things to shift you. Think of a time when you shifted some things just by being yourself. Think of the times where you were anxious or intimidated by external people or situations, but then remembered. Think of moments where you were depressed, insecure, needy, or worried about what others would think of you, and then you were reminded. These are the moments that provided the opportunity to go inward, and remind yourself that you are the shi(f)t. When we receive messages outside of ourselves that tell us we are less than who were created to be, we are blessed with the ability to take a breath, say a prayer, close our eyes, and remember... wait a minute… “Girl, YOU are the shi(f)t!”